2018 Summer Start Dates
Assistant Directors June 6
Teen Program Directors June 10
Village Leaders June 10
Ropes/Waterfront/Arts & Crafts/Archery June 10
Health Center Staff June 10
Returning Cabin Counselors June 16
New Cabin Counselors June 17

Challenge Course Training:  June 4-8*
YMCA Life Guard Certification Course:  June 11-15*

*If you're interested in attending one of these trainings, contact Jeremy at

2018 Summer Schedule

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Camp OASIS: June 24-30
Session A: July 1-7

Session B July 8-14
Session C1 Extended Session: July 15-28
Session C: July 15-21
Session D: July 22-28
Session E: July 29 -August 4
Session F: August August  5-11
Session G: August 12-18
Session H: August 19-25
Mini Week: August 26-29

Packing List: Clothes

Please do not bring any article of clothing that relates to or promotes the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or profanity, or contains political messages.

• T-shirts
• Shorts
• Jeans / Trousers
• Sweaters / Jumpers
• Warm Jacket (Fleece)
• Rain Jacket
• Hat / Baseball Cap
• Socks
• Underwear
• Comfortable Closed-Toe Shoes (Tennis Shoes, etc)
• Sandals for use at waterfront/beach.
• Sleepwear
• Swimsuit (women please bring a modest swimsuit, either a one piece or sports bra style top; men please bring loose shorts, no “speedos”/racing suits)

Packing List: Bedding

Bedding is NOT provided for you (unless you are an international staff person).  Some choose to use a sleeping bag all summer, others choose to bring their favorite down comforter, it is completely up to you!  Most beds are traditional "bunk" style beds.

Packing List: Sundries
• Sunscreen/ Bug Spray
• Lip Balm
• Soap
• Shampoo/Conditioner
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Towel and washcloth (We highly recommend two towels! One for fresh water and showers, the other for salt water and the lagoon)

NOTE: There are stores nearby where you can buy most of the essentials you may need. So if you don't bring it, or we don't supply it... there is still hope!

Packing List: Essentials

• Wrist watch
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
• Water bottle 
• Backpack, Day Pack, or Bum Bag

Packing List: Optional

• Musical Instruments
• Camera
• Laptop Computer
• Mobile Phone

• Journal/Notebook

We strive to make Camp a completely safe and theft-free place. But with so many campers, staff, visitors, etc. there is always an element of risk when bringing high-priced items with you.

A note about electronics: We believe camp is a great opportunity to unplug from the "real world" and reconnect with the natural environment.  Computer and cell phone usage is limited to staff-only spaces during personal time off, and should always be out of view of campers.  Failure to follow these expectations may result in devices being confiscated.  

If your phone is your primary means of telling time, be sure to bring a watch with you for use at and around camp.  An alarm clock will be provided for your cabin.  

Share Your Culture
You will have the opportunity to share your culture with the rest of us. Please bring items to help share your country/culture with campers, cabin groups, and camp. Some things that have been done in the past are to bring pictures, unique sports, costumes, special games, special recipes, and/or your country's flag!

Political Activity Note

Due to Internal Revenue Service regulations for tax exempt organizations such as the YMCA, YMCA employees may not campaign for a candidate or otherwise engage in political activities during work time, on YMCA premises or with the resources of the YMCA.

Note: This includes wearing clothing or buttons with political slogans or displaying stickers at work or during work time.  Due to the limitations on political and campaign activity on camp property and during work time we encourage you to leave political related items at home. Thanks for your cooperation.

Immunization Records

Once hired, you will be asked to provide your Immunization Record. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you have tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) booster shots prior to your arrival at camp. More information will be provided in your Hiring Packets.

Payroll and Pay Periods

All staff are paid every two weeks. 

Additionally, the YMCA requires that all staff have direct deposit set-up with their bank accounts. The only exception applies to our International Staff - they will receive "live" checks.

YMCA of Greater Seattle pays by direct deposit into your US bank account of your choice every other Friday. You will be required to provide a canceled check to facilitate direct deposit. When no checks are available, contact your bank to get written information on your direct deposit account number and routing number. Only International staff are exempt from direct deposit.

YMCA of Greater Seattle requires that you provide proof that you are eligible to work in the United States. We must witness the original documents which means you must bring the original documents with you to camp. For information on what documents you may use to prove eligibility, read over this webpage: 

CPR and First Aid (Required for All Staff)
As a reminder, everyone must have CPR and FIRST AID certifications prior to arriving at camp.

If you've been certified in the past, make sure to get current by "challenging" it with an organization (like the Red Cross). Both certs must be current through your end date at Camp.

The best way to find courses are to either check with your college/university as courses may be scheduled OR go to the website of the Red Cross:

The Red Cross is an international organization, so you should be able to find them all over the world.

Lastly, if there is any confusion - you only need ADULT CPR to meet our requirements. Infant/Child CPR is not needed.

If you have any questions, give us a shout!